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    I have a Surface Book, performance base, 1TB.

    I use the Pen (as opposed to the trackpad) to scroll webpages; specifically by dragging the scrollbar up and down.
    But intermittently (maybe once every 10 minutes, or even more), the browser will freeze - the Pen can no longer grab the scrollbar and drag it.
    Very frustrating!
    Doesn't matter which browser - Edge, IE, chrome, firefox.

    Usually I can get to scroll again with the Pen after pressing the down arrow key on the keyboard; but sometimes I need to restart the browser.

    I went to Best Buy; they called a Microsoft Rep, who said the Pen was not meant to scroll.
    I went to a Microsoft Store; they told me since the scrolling issue began on the first day I received my Surface Book, it may be a hardware problem and I should exchange my Surface Book for a new one (30 day replacement is up tomorrow).

    I suspect it is a software issue, specifically a bug in Windows 10. I really don't want to replace my Surface Book, losing my apps, settings... only to have the same problem.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue with scrolling using the Pen?
    Idea for a solution?

    04-29-2017 12:47 PM

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