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    I just got a surface book 2, 15", i7, 16gb ram, 256gb hard drive, 1060 6gb graphics. After a few days of use, my biggest gripe is the trackpad. After coming from using macbooks with their perfect trackpads to this it feels like a huge step backward.

    1) The trackpad is NOISY! Sitting next to my wife on her macbook air or my friend on his pro their clicking is silent while my trackpad's full-click turns heads.

    2) There is no way to double tab and drag. For example, since the full click is so loud I've been trying to just tap the track pad lightly and not full physical click in. When I double click to be able to drag a scroll bar or icon, double tapping the track pad doesnt work like it would have if I was on a macbook pro. Hard clicking works but is loud and annoying. Is there a way to make is so when I tap instead of full-click on the trackpad i can drag the mouse around like moving an item or scrolling?
    04-06-2018 03:47 PM
  2. James8561's Avatar
    Have you ever considered checking out the settings?
    Press Windows + I, select devices, select touchpad, enable tap twice and drag
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    04-07-2018 01:21 AM

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