1. anon(10237065)'s Avatar
    Hi, I'm really thinking about getting the Surface Dial. I won't be able to use the on-screen stuff, but still it is an exciting idea to have such a forward thinking device.

    Anyway, I know I can use it with my SP4, but also, can I use it with my desktop PC if it doesn't support Bluetooth LE? I've got an older motherboard and Device Manager says it's LMP version 5, which corresponds to Bluetooth 3.0 + HS.
    09-07-2017 01:51 PM
  2. sinime's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I believe you will need Bluetooth LE to use it on your PC...

    However, you can buy a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle and add it to your PC (may have to disable the onboard BT?). Can't say anything about the quality of the cheaper devices, but I've seen some for as low as $8 or so. So it could be a fairly cheap fix.
    09-07-2017 02:17 PM
  3. anon(10237065)'s Avatar
    Thank you! And yes, buying a dongle isn't a problem, very true. I'm going to do that.
    09-08-2017 03:35 AM

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