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    Since I’m working from home, my Go 2 isn’t getting toted to campus for class, but it’s my “go to” computer for remote teaching my SAS programming class. I really like how much faster it is to come up than the Go. I’m using an external mic with it for Zoom and Teams because the built-in mics are not good. The camera is great for online meetings. Several of my students have commented that the position is much better than their other teachers’ cameras (no shots up my nose).

    I bought the both docks, although I haven’t had a chance to use the portable one since I haven’t been on campus in several months. I have ethernet plugged in and also a USB-C portable monitor. I bought an open box Lenovo ThinkVision M14 external monitor that has been just perfect. I first looked at larger ones, but liked the reviews on this one, as well as the stand. It sits at about the same level as the Go 2 screen. I have both of them on my computer desk to the side of my big desktop with the dual 24” portrait monitors. The M14 doesn’t take up much room on the desk because of the built-in adjustable stand and it’s instant on/off with the computer. The extra screen space is really nice, especially when conferencing with my students. I use the Go2 screen for sharing and the M14 screen for parking all the windows that go with Zoom and Teams.

    The M14 cost more than the 19” TV I was using, but it’s sharper, smaller, and at the right level so worth it for me. I can also fold it up and take it with me if I need to, although I don’t know how often I might do that. It’s smaller than a lot of portable computers.
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    07-10-2020 12:41 PM
  2. bulls96's Avatar
    Nice. Any pics of the setup?
    07-10-2020 01:15 PM
  3. HeyCori's Avatar
    I assume you got the M3 version?
    07-10-2020 01:28 PM
  4. LibbyLA's Avatar
    No pictures because my desk is a wreck :).
    07-11-2020 02:24 PM
  5. LibbyLA's Avatar
    Yep, I got the M3. Don’t need nearly that much storage and probably won’t ever activate cellular, but I’m glad that I have the option should I ever need it. Was without power for over 15 hours a couple of weeks ago when an EF1 tornado came through and was glad to have cellular iPads to stay in touch but didn’t need the Go 2 during that time.
    07-11-2020 02:28 PM

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