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    First in line and out the door (well the kiosk) at my holiday store! The free year of Xbox Music sold me! And my shipment isn't deplayed lol!

    They seemed to have all of the A game employees there, the manager and a new assistant manager. Easy on the eyes line ladies too. What I was really impressed by was that the manager(s) were really gung ho about driving sales and justifying a permanent location. I hope so!

    We had a line that kept growing past the opening. I blame the mall for making it seem like things didn't open until 10 cause lots of people showed up right before 10 and the raffle for the Xbox had already occured.

    I had never done the waiting in line thing before, cause I thought it was dumb and you should just pre-order. But now that I hear about the shipping delays for preorders I'm glad I did it just this once.

    This. Tablet. Is. Killer. And folks, they are gonna sell that **** out of Windows Phones because once you use one of these the phone is just an extension. Coming from the phone it was all easy to me, but the store was providing a 15 minutes quick start setup for those that had never used 8 (smart).

    Oh, and they fixed/reinforced the kiosk it isn't sliding around anymore.

    Microsoft sure knows how to cut it down to the wire, but they are going to win this.
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    10-26-2012 03:06 PM