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  1. simonnyc's Avatar
    Now that most of us have bought or played with one, what is the biggest surprise to you?

    The biggest surprise to me (although not really a big deal) was the tiles rotate when you hold the Surface in portrait mode. For some reason, I thought the tiles stayed in landscape mode when you hold it in the portrait position. Maybe it's because my wp7.5 tiles don't rotate when I hold the phone in landscape mode. I thought it was really cool that the tiles rotated.
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    10-26-2012 07:59 PM
  2. MaulerX's Avatar
    I don't have a Surface yet but that's a nice surprise indeed. Didn't hear that mentioned anywhere.
    10-26-2012 08:53 PM
  3. stephen_az's Avatar
    I can't say I have encountered any huge surprises yet, but there have been a few pleasant ones.

    1) It was very nice that once I signed in with my Microsoft account, it picked up more of the configurations settings than I expected from my laptop running Windows 8.
    2) More of the Windows 7/8 desktop functionality was carried over from x86 to ARM than I expected, including trivial stuff such as the slideshow setting for the desktop background, and more significant things such as full access to the device manager, and inclusion of the really robust Windows 8 task manager.
    3) A Surface RT tablet can join a Windows 7/8 Homegroup.
    4) My networked Epson printer was properly set up and configured from the start. Even Windows 8 only got that one half correct.
    10-26-2012 09:18 PM
  4. stephen_az's Avatar
    I stand corrected since I have now found something that is a huge surprise. The Surface RT will properly display Nikon raw nef files in both Windows Explorer and the Pictures app. This just added a level of functionality I was not expecting and will allow me to leave the laptop home when doing photography.
    10-26-2012 09:36 PM
  5. jmerrey's Avatar
    has anyone tried a 4g/lte usb stick yet? I'm really missing that

    biggest surprise for me was how nice it holds vertically with the touch cover, just like a book

    and a small negative: even though it was mentioned in the reviews, I assumed the testers were intentionally straining the device to get it to slow down, but it is sluggish at times, which is a big downer for me this early in the game. i'm sure MS is working on that, but i'm used to windows products flying at first, and then slowing down after a few weeks/months...
    10-26-2012 10:48 PM
  6. mutant 9's Avatar
    I connected it to a projector and ran through a 15mb deck that was very graphic and transition intensive. It displayed perfectly and PPT 2013 is simply fantastic. This was my biggest surprise. Now I just need a WebEx app and I can leave the laptop at home when I travel for work...
    10-27-2012 12:01 AM
  7. Skaughtto's Avatar
    1) Split screen multi-tasking
    2) Classic desktop functionality (mapping drives, RDP, printing)
    3) Print screen (Windows Logo + Volume Down)
    4) The Xbox music play artist feature
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    10-29-2012 01:32 PM
  8. crav4speed's Avatar
    3) Print screen (Windows Logo + Volume Down)
    Excellent... I was wondering if there was a screenshot shortcut! Thanks
    10-29-2012 03:12 PM
  9. evilrobot's Avatar
    My biggest surprise was finding out that pinball fx 2 supported portrait mode.
    10-29-2012 04:35 PM
  10. rx74ray's Avatar
    bad surprise:
    sluggish performance

    good surprise:
    problem solved after applying updates (it is buttery smooth now),
    also how amazing the screen looks outdoors and in sun light.
    battery life is amazing too
    10-29-2012 04:50 PM
  11. Digital Moe's Avatar
    That it is so much like my Windows machine, honestly I didn't expect to be able to set up file sharing by just in putting my wifi key. I just tried a 2GB MP4 file that is on my main desktop and the surface played it without a hicup.

    Now all we need is some wizard of a Dev to give up mkv playback.

    Having a video play while doing a MS Word doc this is thing is so far ahead of my iPad that it isn't even a fair comparison.

    Now if only I could have google Chrome my my book marks.
    10-29-2012 05:57 PM
  12. Gken's Avatar
    Hmm I know its rather gimmicky, but I am absolutely loving the voice recognition controls/dictation. Works really really well, once you figure out the words for controlling it.

    And wireless printer support. I don't remember them ever saying it would be supported.
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    10-29-2012 07:18 PM