1. Stormwatch342's Avatar
    Is there a way to sync the start screen between win8 machines?
    Ex win 8 computer and my surface tablet.

    Trying to avoid having to make my groups everywhere. And I like pinning my favourites such as wp central and have that automatically available. I know favourites sync but pinned items don't.
    10-30-2012 07:37 PM
  2. pavvento's Avatar
    10-30-2012 07:40 PM
  3. Stormwatch342's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm using skydrive for documents picture videos Tec. But I'm referring specifically to the start screen and they layout of it and groups on the start screen and pinned web sites etc.
    10-30-2012 08:00 PM
  4. luv2skipow's Avatar
    Cool idea but I have so many more apps on my pc and they don't exist for RT.
    Does it just leave blanks if not installed???
    10-30-2012 08:00 PM
  5. pavvento's Avatar
    Based on how I read the article it seemed to imply this would happen if you were using the same Microsoft account. When I get home tonight I can dig through my windows 8 machine and see if it is an option somewhere.
    10-30-2012 08:12 PM
  6. pavvento's Avatar
    10-30-2012 08:13 PM
  7. Stormwatch342's Avatar
    Ya. From what I see its just the desktop background and colour schemes etc.
    10-30-2012 08:13 PM