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    I have no idea if this is just a coincidence but when I ordered a Touch Cover this Sunday they ended up shipping it Next Day Air! Not only overnight, but early morning delivery. I selected the regular shipping option and wasn't charged extra for the faster shipping. I'm in the US by the way.

    Has anyone else received the free upgraded shipping?

    The interesting thing about it is that my Surface, which I pre-ordered on the 16th, also shipped out Next Day Air.

    Oh, I must say, the Touch Cover is pretty amazing! Reading some reviews, it seemed as though it would take me at least a few days to get used to typing on it. Yet, having just received it a few hours ago, I'm tapping away and getting speeds usually reserved for regular keyboards! I definitely recommend purchasing one, or at least checking one out, as not only is it a pretty great typing experience, it also is an excellent cover that feels great and protects the Surface.

    Also, the Cyan color on the Touch Cover is beautiful! Looks stunning next to the black anodized color of the Surface!
    10-30-2012 09:35 PM