1. Daniel0418's Avatar
    Oky I am going to start this thread with a question, because for the life of me I cannot figure this one out. When using Metro IE10 on the Surface, how on earth do I bring up the address bar without having to touch the screen?

    Okay now let's move forward. If the community could contribute on this it would be great. What are some hotkeys you use on your touch or type pad throughout the OS or even in apps both first and third party. We don't need a list of hotkeys that exist, you can find those with a quick Bing search. But, what are some of your favorite ones and why?

    Here is my contribution

    Windows key + Tab and Alt + Tab

    Now I know these are archaic, but I really enjoy using them in the Metro UI while using a Keyboard. They switch apps really fast, and they bring up the multitasking bar on the left which has screenshot thumbnails of all your open apps. You hold the windows button and press tab to choose. I love the subtle things on the surface that make it still feel like a PC.

    What are some of your favorites?
    11-02-2012 02:11 PM
  2. DougB541#CB's Avatar
    Hotkeys are less useful on the Surface since the keyboard has the Charms bar buttons on the top.
    11-02-2012 03:16 PM
  3. badMojo69's Avatar
    Windows Key + X let's see the charms menu do that. :)
    11-02-2012 04:57 PM
  4. NickA's Avatar
    Windows Key + P: duplicate, expand or project to another screen.
    11-02-2012 05:16 PM
  5. VidJuhEffex's Avatar
    to answer the OP, right clicking with the mouse (anywhere that won't have a context zone already) brings up the address bar. Since the mouse is on the keyboard...... I guess it's its own shortcut.
    11-02-2012 05:40 PM
  6. Daniel0418's Avatar
    Oh okay. Damn I wish there was another way. Its a pain to have to find a place to right click. I think just reaching out and swiping up works better.

    Also want to point out how cool it is that cut copy paste hotkeys work on the virtual keyboard. That is pretty awesome. Also if you pull out the more robust keyboard you can also use the windows + x or whatever else those hotkeys also work.
    11-02-2012 06:14 PM