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    I thought it might be helpful to post random tips on one thread. Please only post any tips that come to mind, no matter how obvious you think they may be. I think those new to the Surface may find it helpful and we can all likely learn something. Please don't get the thread off topic - just write tips and not commentary.

    Here are some random tips that folks might find helpful:

    Hit the home button on the touch cover to get to the top of a webpage

    Ctr-c, Ctr-x, Ctr-v, Ctr-a all work with the touch keyboard and with the on-screen keyboard to copy, cut, paste, and select all

    Turn on email notifications by going to the charms bar, settings, accounts, selecting your email account, and slide the toggle for "show email notifications for this account." You can also disable the "Sent from Windows Mail" message that gets put at the bottom of your messages in this area.

    You can select multiple emails by sliding horizontally on an email in the list. This will allow you to mass move, delete, mark as read, etc.

    You can use one windows account to buy applications in the windows store and run the paid application on up to 5 computers with (I believe) unlimited users on those five computers. So buy the app once and use it for all your family members.

    You can require the windows store to have to use a password for each purchase so that your kids can't run up any charges even when you are sharing an account for purchases.
    Unfortunately I believe they can still download free apps.

    Apps have to be installed on every computer account separately. If you download an app on a computer, you will have to install it separately on each person's account on the computer. But the app will only technically be downloaded once so you don't have to worry about using up all your hard drive space for each user that installs the app.

    Hitting the shift key (looks like an arrow turned north) twice will turn in caps lock on the on screen keyboard.

    Hitting the spacebar twice will quickly add a period.

    Clicking on the URL bar in IE10 metro and starting to type will bring up pages you have visited in the past with that word in the URL or title - this is IE10 metro's version of history
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