1. StephenWagner7's Avatar
    Just curious if anyone else has noticed this... My device is almost exactly 1 week old. (I've been using it quite a bit for work)

    Yesterday, I was playing a movie (using the DisplayPort) to my TV. The unit ran, plugged in, running Netflix for a total of 2 hours... Movie played fine, finished up, disconnected, etc...

    Later on that day, I was using the Surface and noticed a yellow burn mark. It's a line along the right edge of the display on the surface. It's most prominent in two places, a blotch 2 inches down from the top, and worse towards the bottom about an inch up (all along the right side)...

    Noticed that if I shut the device down, and let it sit on a granite counter-top at room temp (brings the temp of the device down to room temp), after turning it back on around 20 minutes later it's gone on a fresh boot. After starting it again, the yellow burn slowly comes back, coming back even faster if I'm doing CPU intensive stuff on it, or if it's being charged.

    Anyways... Even though I purchased the device at the retail location and have a 15 day return window, I didn't want to bother as right now there's the shortage of 128 units, I don't want to have to wait for stores to stock up again, so I called Microsoft and found out that right now under warranty they are replacing faulty devices with brand new ones... So I started a warranty case, hopefully will receive my new unit in a few days.

    I did some googling, and I read about people with iPads, and iPhones having a yellow tint due to the glue not curing on brand new devices. Users reported it would go away in time. I'm assuming this isn't the case for me as it's not there on start, but comes after the device warms up...

    Also, after reading iFixIt's post about the internals, I noticed the batteries edge inside the device is right about where the yellow marks are. I'm thinking the battery inside the unit may be swelling, and putting internal pressure on the LCD panel... The Yellow get's worse when charging, but at the same time, maybe there's just pressure inside the device from the manufacturing process, you never know.

    I just hope hope hope that the device MS sends out is brand new as they said it would be. :D

    Here's a pic, it's very hard to see as its extremely difficult to snap a picture due to auto-focus, lighting, etc... The yellow is usually only visible on white, and certain greys in the gray scale, you can't see it at all on black.

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    02-18-2013 01:19 PM
  2. StephenWagner7's Avatar
    I'm actually starting to wonder if this is condensation... No idea why it would glow yellow though... No bubbles or anyhting...

    Noticed that the top of the surface that faces you clicks when tapping on the black border, wonder if it's missing a seal...
    02-19-2013 12:27 PM
  3. StephenWagner7's Avatar
    w00t, they replaced it.

    Called up, had a brand new unit shipped out to me within 2 days. No yellow marks on the new one, the kickstand is also a lot better on the new one :) Advanced shipment replacement rocks!
    02-23-2013 10:38 AM
  4. Steve Ridges's Avatar
    Glad you got it fixed. Your advanced replacement arrived in 2 days? It's been 3 days for me so far and the status still shows "In Progress". Mines being replaced because keyboards don't work on it.
    02-26-2013 07:01 PM
  5. StephenWagner7's Avatar
    Glad you got it fixed. Your advanced replacement arrived in 2 days? It's been 3 days for me so far and the status still shows "In Progress". Mines being replaced because keyboards don't work on it.
    I received it on the 3rd or 4th day, but it did hang out in "In Progress" for quite some time...
    02-26-2013 07:32 PM
  6. mgepark's Avatar
    I have this issue also just discovered Friday (6/27/13) and after spending two hours on the phone with Microsoft they're replacing it. I was also having problems with the touch mousepad and touching the screen. Sending it back via a preset up FedEx method they have and they will ship a replacement after that as I didn't want to tie-up my availability for what would probably be a few weeks. Thanks for you posters, more comfortable that I'm not the only one and starting to see this issue show up in the last few days on some other sites.
    06-30-2013 08:55 AM
  7. cgavula's Avatar
    I just discovered this problem on my Surface Pro and my fear is that they won't replace it because it's been more than 90 days since I bought it.
    09-29-2013 12:21 PM
  8. ricep's Avatar
    Mine had also this yellow tint, happened more than 90 days later, and it got replaced.

    Hope that it helps ;)
    10-02-2013 05:19 AM
  9. Jeremy Camp's Avatar
    I noticed mine had the yellow tint. and the screen was separating from the bottom of the surface where the yellow tint was occurring. Mine is enroute to Microsoft, I hope they replace it with a new one lol.
    10-22-2013 04:04 PM
  10. gangolfus's Avatar
    These yellow streaks just appeared for me last week. I bought from Best Buy back in February. Any chance I can get a replacement?
    10-23-2013 09:36 AM

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