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  • Type Cover

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  • Touch Cover

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  • Both!

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  1. TekNinja81's Avatar
    Hey folks.

    When I originally picked up my SP 128GB, there were no Type covers available at my closest retailers, so I got a Touch cover instead. Have been using it without any real issue, but did find it a bit frustrating to type on my lap with, and a bit slow to use when using it for work. So today I picked up the Type cover with the intent of returning the Touch, but wound up keeping both (for now at least.)

    I figure I'll most likely stick to the Type cover 99% of the time, but the thinner/lighter Touch cover may be preferable when packing light is critical... even if it's only a very minor difference.

    So that leads me to the question: How many of you also own both keyboard covers, or just one or the other, and what was your own reasoning for the decision?
    03-06-2013 12:15 AM
  2. Po_MD's Avatar
    I own both the type and touch covers, but this is due to the Surface RT. My primary keyboard is the Type because I am more of a hardcore user when I do use my Surface(all the time). The Touch cover is more or less a novelty cover that is bound to improve your typing skills because of muscle memory.
    03-06-2013 03:13 AM
  3. dksmidtx's Avatar
    I originally bought the Touch Cover with my AMEX reward points (so no out of pocket cash for it), and while waiting for my Surface Pro snagged a returned Type Cover at Best Buy for $69 during that big February discount sale on returned/open stock items. Frankly, I use the Touch Cover 90% of the time because (1) it is a BETTER cover, very thin an tight fit to screen, and (2) the Type Cover has an annoying habit of dropping keystrokes at random times and on random keys. Since I have so little "cash" into them I'll keep them both, and one can serve as the backup for the other if they develop any problems. Otherwise, I'd return the Type Cover.

    PS - that 90% figure was for when I was mobile only - I would have to say that 90% of all typing is done on a Bluetooth Microsoft Mobile Keyboard 6000. Neither of the covers can match it, and it is a leftover from my Samsung Series 7 Slate days.
    03-06-2013 10:07 AM
  4. vertigoOne's Avatar
    I have both because I have a Surface RT and a Surface Pro. I purchased the RT bundle that came with the Touch cover, and decided that I should get the Type cover for the Pro.

    I prefer using the Type cover in almost all situations, but I prefer the profile of the Pro with the touch cover.

    The type cover on the RT makes it nearly as thick as the Pro with the touch cover!
    03-06-2013 01:44 PM
  5. Nebor's Avatar
    I have both because my Type cover mysteriously stopped working and nothing I did would fix it. I stopped at a best buy and grabbed a black touch cover (open item for $70.) Plugged it in and it was ok, but more importantly my Type cover worked the next time I plugged it in. So I'm keeping the touch cover in case I need to use it to "fix" my Surface Pro again.
    03-06-2013 02:10 PM
  6. TekNinja81's Avatar
    Indeed, after using it throughout the day today, I too am experiencing the random dropped keystrokes. Wonder if this is common to the majority of Type covers...

    It's not terrible mind you, but I hate typing up an email or work-related document and missing a typo I didn't technically make myself. :P

    I'll probably still mostly use the Type cover though since it definitely is a quicker keyboard to use.
    03-06-2013 04:34 PM
  7. dseiden's Avatar
    I have both because I find that the touch cover is perfect for quick entry and makes the tablet easier to deal with in tablet mode as holding the keys when the touch cover is folded back is a bit odd for me. I also like the fact that the touch cover comes in colors which would be cool offering for the touch cover as well.

    Of the two I use the type more when I know I am going to have to do lots of typing. The touch cover works perfectly but for some reason I seem to miss the space bar all the time on the touch cover which makes it harder to use when I need to type a great deal.
    03-06-2013 07:43 PM
  8. Wyn6's Avatar
    I have both. Well, technically I only have the Type Cover as I purchased the Touch Cover for my fiancée's RT. I like the Touch Cover and type very well on it. But, I prefer the Type Cover for anything lengthy.
    03-06-2013 10:06 PM
  9. annchez's Avatar
    I have both. When I first tried them I hated the Touch Cover because I got more keys missed than actually typed, though apparently it was because I didn't know how to use it correctly and was typing way too fast. I got the Type Cover and it worked great, until I brought it to class for the first time and it made so much noise I stopped typing the rest of the class. Didn't even notice it at home. So went and bought the Touch Cover and after I figured out how to use it, it's really not that bad. Prettier too. But I only use it when I'm in class, Type Cover for the rest.
    03-07-2013 11:06 PM
  10. bsd107's Avatar
    I bought the Surface Pro with the Type Cover. Honestly, I'd really like to own both, as the touch cover, in color, looks so much cooler and has a better profile. But given the already greater thickness of the Pro, I figured might as well get the Type Cover for better typing.

    I am amazed at how easy it is to type on the Type Cover - I love it.

    However, I do wish I had a touch cover for other situations, as the Type cover does not feel right when in tablet mode with it folded all the way back.

    Since there are rumors that an addon battery for the Surface Pro might become available, and it would make sense that it might be a thicker Type Cover with an integrated battery, I have held off on spending >$100 on a Touch Cover for now.
    03-08-2013 07:27 PM
  11. GSOgymrat's Avatar
    I have both covers. I have a Surface RT and thought the Touch Cover was fine until I played with the Type Cover at a Microsoft store. I love the Type Cover and rarely use the Touch Cover anymore. Actually most of the time I pull the cover off and just use it as a tablet.
    03-08-2013 09:47 PM
  12. Polychrome's Avatar
    I got the blue touch cover because it was cute. No other reason.

    Oddly, it's easier to game on than type on.
    03-08-2013 11:54 PM
  13. Talderon's Avatar
    Same boat as OP, Type Covers were nowhere to be found when I got my SP. Ended up with the Touch Cover and recently (a week ago) bought the Type Cover, now the Touch Cover is in the Type Cover box and staying there unless I need it.
    03-10-2013 12:46 PM
  14. PartyDolphin's Avatar
    I'm going to get a blue touch cover, plus a separate MS wedge bluetooth keyboard. When I want to plug the surface into a monitor the type cover won't be ideal.
    03-10-2013 01:33 PM
  15. anon(5370748)'s Avatar
    I got the Type Cover with the SP, but then got the Wedge keyboard and a Logitech Touchpad to use on the couch because I just couldn't find a comfortable way to use the Type Cover on my lap without a big lapdesk. I picked up a blue touch cover to use when it was on the couch-side table because it looks cool and works in a pinch if I don't want to get the keyboard out. I'll still use the Type Cover for traveling, I think (tried the Touch Cover on this last trip and it's *really* hard to work in Photoshop with, especially when trying to do Ctl-Alt-Shift key combos)
    03-10-2013 02:04 PM
  16. dstrauss's Avatar
    Although I own both, I have grown to prefer the Touch Cover over the Type Cover because of fit, slimness, and the fact that I use full size keyboards when on my desk at work or home. In fact, I have random keypress skips on the Type Cover compared to the Touch Cover.
    03-11-2013 11:49 AM

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