10-19-2013 02:11 PM
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    The hate comes from the idiots that want a full blown laptop replacement and think that means that everyone else should want one. Then there are the other two groups... Those who want a mobile simple, tablet experience and just need to use the apps, email, web browsing, music, and video; and the other half of those who want a laptop replacement and don't have an issue with the people that want an RT experience tied with the much LOWER PRICE. If you don't want RT, great. STFU about RT then. People down in Florida dont need four wheel drive on their daily drivers, but that doesn't mean the people in Michigan dont need it for the winter. I dont see those down south spending every waking minute, going on automobile forums screaming and crying to get rid of four wheel drive. Again...you don't want RT? STFU then. There are is a small group of us that want it. It doesn't affect the Pro at all, so your argument is pointless.

    These idiots are the same idiots that cried non-stop about the stupid start button. They wouldn't shut up about such a small and pointless item. The loud crying crowd got what they wanted....the start button. And guess what? Windows 8 works the same. No difference. There was already ten million ways to do the same thing. You'll cry about the RT because you want Pro. If they kill it, what will change for you? NOTHING, your going to still buy the same Surface Pro you were going to. All your going to do is force people like me that wanted a cheaper tablet without the full blown PC, to have to go look at the entry level iPad line or Androids. Real smart.
    Yeah, it's all the consumers' fault! Stupid consumers!

    The fact that you don't understand that Microsoft greatly caused and contributed to the confusion in the first place is an indication that you aren't seeing the situation clearly.
    10-19-2013 02:11 PM
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