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    As a tech junkie and a new RT owner, I've thought a lot about this. Oddly enough, I think the biggest problem was how the discussion was defined. For example, as an informed tech guy, what is the FIRST thing you think of when you think of RT? How is this for starters, "It can't use regular Windows Apps." True. What are some other truths in the tablet world? I also can't load my OS X apps on my iPad. And, I can't tow my boat with my Audi. I didn't buy my Audi to tow my boat, I didn't buy my iPad with the intention of loading my Mac Apps on it and I didn't expect to be able to load my Windows Apps on my Surface!

    In short, we don't define the iPad by what it CAN'T do, but, the Surface has been allowed to be defined by what it can't do. How about thinking about what it can do? First, and most importantly, it can run a version of Office that allows you to create and manage documents. Has anybody else tried to do that on an iPad? I'm not saying it is not possible... How about the miniature HDMI port that can be accessed with an incredibly inexpensive, NON-Proprietary cable. How about a micro SD port? USB port?

    It isn't perfect. As a matter of fact, when I bought my RT on eBay, I quickly figured out why the original purchaser sold it. Out of the box it was so close to useless that I could see somebody giving up on the product. It wouldn't connect to the Store, it wouldn't connect to Wifi for more than three seconds at a time (think fast!), and the navigation process is not all that intuitive (at least IMHO). Then, I started to check for updates- the tablet went through three different upgrade processes. I have no idea why it couldn't just take them all at once, but for some reason (heck, maybe even operator error)- after it would go through the upgrade cycle, I would check and there would be MORE upgrades. The good news is, once this process was complete, I have been INCREDIBLY impressed with the RT.

    In short, somehow this product became defined by its limitations, not by its capabilities.
    08-03-2013 09:35 PM
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    Hi and welcome to WPCentral.

    I'm glad you are having a positive experience with your Surface.

    You did the right thing and did your research. I put a lot of blame on Microsoft's marketing. Microsoft should have shown what the Surface does in the commercials, rather than show a bunch of people dancing and clicking the covers. Apple has always shown features of the iPad in the commercials. It's almost as if Microsoft is making it harder for consumers to know what is good about the Surface through its advertisements, rather than easier.
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    08-03-2013 09:47 PM
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    I wish people would focus on what it does. That is what matters. And for a lot of people, these are the winning points.

    I for one loved my iPad when I had it, but it was hard to ignore what it could not do, its dependency on iTunes, dependency on apps, dependency on accessories, etc. It was hard for me to use it the way I wanted to, which is against the way it was designed.

    This is the problem... Most people can barely use a computer, so they like the "simplistic" apple approach... I find it a hinderence, slow, and inferior. Others l, however, only have to learn one way to use it.

    With the surface, there is not one way to use it. It is so vast and has options there people do not know where to start... I love it though... The tablet PC I always wanted... Manages and use it the way I need and want to...

    Microsoft has got to market and show people what this thing can do. They need to market it to businesses and college campuses with real demostrations. Give away them to ambassadors... You do not have to fake the productivity... In my experience, surface and iPad users side by side doing the same task, the surface wins out. IPad users then question and wonder, where they first laughed and scoffed.

    I use all OSs, but some people are not able to... Some only by for loyalty and others for the clout... When it comes down to doing a task, that matters. Shoot, my fired just started a business. He is ready to sell his Macs because he found put windows 7 was so much better to work with in his line of work. How is that people ask, Macs are superior.... Really?! I have my Macs for my reasons, but will whoop the pants of of the same task on my PC... Surface no different. That's me, to each their own.
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    08-03-2013 10:29 PM
  4. mase123987's Avatar
    To me, the single biggest downlfall of that device is that it is underpowered. I have one and found it frustrating when trying to use 5 or 6 tabs browsering, email and a couple other things.
    08-03-2013 10:32 PM
  5. 89caps's Avatar
    I use my Surface RT almost exclusively and haven't touched my laptop in over 2 months. That said, I also wish the Surface moved a little quicker. Every so often, it hangs up loading apps with that spinning dotted wheel. This will probably be improved in the next iteration of RT tablets, but for now, it is my number one complaint. Also they really need to add a keyboard attachment that has a battery.
    08-03-2013 10:50 PM

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