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    I owned a Surface RT 1, and sold it - I have a Surface Pro 1 right now, and it's great. But with the way I originally used my RT tablet - remotely controlling my big PC and using desktop apps, I honestly don't understand why would somebody want an ARM Windows tablet over an x86 Windows tablet. With those new processors they have the same battery life, and many cost the same or even less than ARM tablets. And with how many Surface users boast about having an 'actually productive tablet', wouldn't it make sense to get a tablet that's productive even to those that don't use Office?

    Take Asus Transformer T100, for example:

    Compared to a Surface 2, it costs 100$ less, comes with a keyboard, and the only disadvantage it has is the screen. Other than that it's the same: supports connected standby, had great battery life, comes with Office.It's literally everything the Surface is, but even better: it can run x86 apps. So you can be 'productive' even if you are somebody who doesn't use Office. Just recently, for example, I've read about somebody buying that tablet to use Visual Studio.
    You also still get a good gaming machine - even better, because the T100 can run proper desktop games (like Half-Life 2, Dirt 3, and Bioshock), obviously not on the highest settings, but at playable framerates. So perhaps I'm missing something here, but wouldn't something like that be a better purchase?
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