1. suburbanl3g3nd's Avatar
    I'm trying to listen to Nokia Mix Radio while my screen is off. Every time I turn my screen off, the song finishes, but won't play the next song. How can I tweak this to work? Or, is there a registry setting I can change? Or, at least, why is this happening?
    11-25-2013 06:14 PM
  2. suburbanl3g3nd's Avatar
    Solved!!! I just had to weirdly turn off lock screen under the permissions setting! So much better now that it can play without the screen needing to be on :)
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    11-25-2013 10:31 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I'm glad you got it sorted and posted the solution in case other people have the same question.
    rockstarzzz likes this.
    11-25-2013 10:43 PM

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