1. bmacke's Avatar
    Just got the S2 for xmas. I've been noticing horizontal lines appearing on screen which run the full length of the screen. They appear only for a split second, then disappear. A few lines at a time, maybe covering an inch in height between all the lines. Sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't. But can appear on the Start screen, or in an app, with basic use. Not connected to any other devices. Updates are installed.

    I checked with the MS help online via chat, and they suggested Reseting the device (which didn't help) or exchanging it since I'm within the return policy. It was ordered online through the Microsoft Store. Now when I call to exchange it, they say I need to speak to tech support and I've been on hold now for 1 hr+.

    Thought I would check and see if anyone has experienced this? Is it even worth exchanging, or will future updates hopefully resolve this? The only BSOD I have received was when trying to complete the Reset today.
    12-30-2013 09:36 PM
  2. TotalLamer's Avatar
    Yeah I've seen this happen on mine too. Didn't think a whole ton of it... not enough of a bother that I want to waste time ******* with it anyways.
    12-30-2013 10:20 PM
  3. livekyle's Avatar
    Yeah I've seen this happen on mine too. Didn't think a whole ton of it... not enough of a bother that I want to waste time ******* with it anyways.
    Same here...you're not alone
    12-31-2013 03:32 AM
  4. ChazTyldsley's Avatar
    I saw this last night and became concerned, glad I'm not alone. It almost looked like a video card failure, but if it's a bug multiple people are experiencing then it's probably software related. Rebooting myn fully seemed to stop it. What was everyone doing at the time? I had been on some games so the device was warm.
    01-01-2014 11:13 AM
  5. Jeffrey Fox's Avatar
    This happens to me and my fiancé when playing one game in particular (Puzzle Craft) and we do run that game for long stretches while watching tv. For us the whole screen goes wonky, though. Horizontal lines and distorted colors, it requires a restart of the Surface RT. Not sure if that helps diagnose at all as a software issue but figured I would contribute.
    01-02-2014 09:07 AM

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