1. Silent Fox's Avatar
    With the upcoming W10, windows RT is slipping away to the land of forgotten...What do you guys see happening with the rest of your Surface RT's life??

    i love my old Surface and have found it much more useful for me than an Ipad, and much closer to a real computer than the Ipad was...
    02-10-2015 08:43 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    I keep using it for surfing the internet and watching YouTube.
    I have a surface 2
    02-10-2015 08:49 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    It'll just be the same as it is now.

    Well, upgrades with some of 10's features are guaranteed, so there's that.
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    02-10-2015 01:24 PM
  4. qa_ninja's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure they will let the winRT tap into the win 10 store. It'd be a total bad idea for them not to tap into you folks for app purchases! :)
    02-10-2015 01:39 PM
  5. Philip Hamm's Avatar
    Mine will soldier on - I hope we get touch office and some of the cool stuff from Windows 10 and if there are more apps developed we reap the benefits!
    02-10-2015 02:58 PM
  6. yourguitarhero's Avatar
    It will keep working as it is.
    It's when you can't get apps for it any more that it dies off (see Windows Phone 7.8).

    A good option could be the Linx 10 tablet. Seems to get good reviews, is a similar size to the Surface RT, comes with a keyboard cover.
    Full Windows too so will get the full Win 10 upgrade
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    02-11-2015 03:01 AM
  7. a5cent's Avatar
    I'm assuming MS will deal with the Surface and the Surface 2 in the same way, in which case we already have multiple threads on this topic:


    For that reason I'll close this now, but PM me if you feel there will be differences between what MS provides for the Surface and Surface 2 and want to discuss that specifically.
    02-11-2015 04:01 AM

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