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    Already a few months back I noticed that the card reader of my Surface RT won't recognize any media inserted. The mechanics is still fine, you hear a nice "click" when you insert the card and another when you eject it. By doing that I noticed when the card is pushed in all the way (like you do when it is ejected) the card gets recognized as long as you hold it in that position! I have used different manufacturers of cards and always the same.
    Last week I got the device replaced by MS and after hours of installing updates I put in a micoSD card and.... nothing! Push it in and hold it there: media recognized. So the same fault on the new / refurbished device. So I was reading through various forums and I found many people have this issue, suggesting fixes like adding a piece of paper or put some tape on the card. Well no good advise. It seems tobe a common issue with the faulty readers or even a design flaw.
    How does MS deal with this? I not wanna have a third device with the same fault...
    07-26-2015 05:32 PM

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