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    I posted this on the Win10 forums but I'll paste it here because it is a S3 computer.

    Since Aug 5th my Surface 3 has been crippled in the Mail (Splash Screen frozen); Store (wouldn't start most of the time and when it did the updates never started); Windows Update (would not get beyond spinning circle when checking); Refresh didn't work (couldn't find files); Create new user... break after "taking longer" and supposedly done.
    I tried every trick in the book with no success. I was either going to go back to 8.1 (didn't want to) or try fresh install (this is an update from 8.1 to 10). Even made the USB Win 10 install. But then I tried Windows Update one last time and... it is a miracle.
    Today with the update(s) everything works and seems quicker.
    The issue of post sleep freeze that has always been their since Win10 install is still there. I press CNTR-ALT-Delete and the Task Manager etc. opens and it is unfrozen.

    Too bad for the wasted hours but thank you Microsoft for fixing things and quickly (but it is never quick enough, of course).
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