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    Hi ,

    My surface 2 is running on low space recently , my surface have no games apps or any other extra apps except the original app which i dont think they are the issue . Im using my surface 2 is just for the outlook , my current outlook data took about 2.8GB .

    However ,when i click on Disk space below are the details it show :

    4.58GB available of 25GB
    Apps 474MB

    Media and Files
    Pics 40MB
    Video 0bytes
    Music 4.36MB
    Docs 1.82GB (my outlook data after compressed) - add on question : when i right click on my outlook data files -properties it show Size : 2.81GB , Size on disk 1.82GB . What does that mean ?
    Downloads 26.9MB

    Recycle Bin
    0 bytes

    Could it be the windows RT software itself take all the space ? i just kept on receive new windows update almost every few hours ,and some updates is more than 100MB . I'hv also read a few articles about how to free space , which is create a partition in a usb or use a micro usb ... Based on above details given i just want to know where are my 10GB or more went ? -i dont use One drive its zero and hero bytes in it .Thanks
    10-26-2015 09:29 PM

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