1. mattdodwell's Avatar

    I have been debating on getting a Surfce 3 and my local store is doing some bundle deals with keyboards. But, I was wondering has MS have stopped selling the Cyan Keyoard for the Surface 3 as I can`t find any reference to it online or in store?

    I have seen many reviews of the Surface 3 on YouTube and they have the Cyan keyboard attached. Now I can only find the Cyan Keyboard on the Pro line with the Pro 3 an 4.

    Before I make my order of the Surface 3 and Keyboard I wanted to check to make sure that the Cyan option is not being sold by more for the Surfce 3.

    03-05-2016 06:32 AM
  2. lordcpaq's Avatar
    had them at my local microsoft store last week in texas.
    03-08-2016 12:22 AM

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