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    I must say it is good MS decided to try the new OS one a different device.
    They took a laptop and equipped it with a system that uses apps from the store instead of full windows ecosystem.
    There is a way to change to a full system, but will you need it?

    Students usually use certain apps on their device, but most of them aren't in the store yet.
    I guess this laptop can be a second device for light use, or is it a game changer and the future is for the programs to transform into the ecosystem of the OS.
    Will it make the software company move to app store or will it fail to catch and make some hybrid to remind us the RT version MS made in the surface family.

    I'm using Surface pro 4 and can say I can use programs without a problem, although it's a 4 gig model. Except times I'm trying to run several programs at the same time (and run out of memory) I usually can run any program.
    I guess moving the programs to the store will make the apps more compatible with devices and the users will benefit from it. More adjusted updates will make sure only the updates your machine needs will be installed, it can make a huge difference.
    But again there is the questions: will the programs companies follow and will the users will be satisfied with the system?
    05-15-2017 06:11 AM

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