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    Microsoft announced the new surface labtop and it comes with 4 deferent colours graphite gold,cobalt blue, Burgundy and platinum.surface laptop is running windows10 s that means you can install apps only from Windows store it does mean your ​laptop is going to be much more secure and faster. but don't worry if you're somebody who wants that full Windows 10 experience because Microsoft allows you to run that instead.and the battery life is insane Microsoft claims 14.5 hours of use.the base model starts at 999$ and with tha you get 7th gen Intel core i5 processor ,4 GB Ram and 128 GB ssd you also can maxes that up to 7th gen core i7,16 GB Ram and 512 GB ssd for 2199$!. the surface laptop is ment for students i think it's really good for them because the Will use excel, PowerPoint,... etc.they won't need full Windows 10.its the best in its class.
    05-22-2017 06:11 AM

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