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    I want a tablet to beat around with. I've got a bunch of iPads. Do not like.
    Got a Windows 10 tablet, a bit better but it doesn't work like a tablet. I can't leave it lying around the house and pick it up on a whim whenever I need to check something cause it just hibernates all the time and startup is at least 30 s.

    I do not ask much in the way of apps. A workable browser, the ability to play downloaded videos and music. Maybe read some ebooks, check email. Good battery life. That's about it. I had a BlackBerry Playbook. That would be a perfect tablet if it had a workable browser. I got Windows 10 Mobile devices that I'm quite happy with apart from screen size. Yes, I know it runs Windows 8 RT and there are not a lot of apps, I'm ok with that (I think).

    Can I get by with a Surface 2? How much is it worth nowadays? Not how much some crazies are trying to list for on eBay.
    The browser not working (security certificates?) would be absolute deal breaker.
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    04-28-2020 12:06 AM
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    I would imagine that development of Internet Explorer for Windows RT stopped ages ago. Even Microsoft's newer browser, (old) Edge, had compatibility issues, so I doubt a browser from 2013 is going to fair any better. I'd advise against purchasing a Surface 2 if you need a competent web browser. That said, if you've sworn off Windows 10 tablets and iPads, then you're options are extremely limited.

    Personally, even though it runs Windows 10, I'd recommend the 4GB model Surface Pro 7 because it solves your instant on problem. But it is way more expensive at $749. Maybe the upcoming M3 version of the Surface Go 2 will have instant on as well. Rumor is that model is getting announced next week. Otherwise, you could try an Android tablet. There aren't many good ones but Lenovo and Samsung have some decent offerings.
    04-28-2020 06:15 AM
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    Surface Pro, no because cost is one issue for a secondary device and secondly, size matters.
    Androids are probably a no-go for me, I have some phones, do not like plus privacy/ data slurpage issues.

    I am not sure about the browser for RT. I assumed it was just IE11, so I have been trying that on my laptop for a week and works fine for me (so far). If it's even older, then that would be a problem.

    The Surface Go was surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be but if no instant on and battery life is kind of weak, then it doesn't fit the bill either. Oh well.
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    04-28-2020 10:01 AM
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    Correct about it being IE11. Have you looked at Fire tablets? I'm not a fan of them but the browser does occasionally get updated.
    04-28-2020 11:25 AM
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    There actually is a Surface 3 - non-Pro model that I have and still use - and have just updated onto the 2004 release of Windows 10. Not sure how much it's worth - and I'm not offering it for sale! But it might be a better bet for your needs than the Surface 2.
    04-28-2020 02:31 PM
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    After a bit of research, it looked like the Surface 2 was worth a try even though it was much bigger than my ideal tablet size. eBay to the rescue with a mint (has it even been used?) condition Surface 2 (original box, manuals and coupons even!) for about $75. Hard to go wrong with that. Being practically new meant that it had never been updated and it took a bit of fiddling to get things to happen.
    As it happens, I have an iPad Air (along with other variants) to directly compare with as it was one of the competitors at the time.

    The Surface 2 is a nice device but definitely bigger and heavier than the iPad Air. It's not as conducive to just being left around and picking up for casual use. I do not notice the difference in resolution, the Surface 2 has a darn good screen, no complaints there. The extra screen width puts itself to good use when I need to start typing. I can practically touch type with this thing, definitely a bonus.

    The iPad Air has just fallen off the edge of iOS updates so there are quite a few apps which no longer work or can be installed. It's still better than the Surface 2 though. I'm used to the Windows Store with my Lumia phones but this is another step down. Good thing I don't have high app demands. All I ask for this tablet is email, media player and a decent browser which the Surface just manages to pull off.

    This thing has been completely under-rated. I get it, it got a bad name from Windows desktop users that were forced to face the Windows 8 abomination. I'm one of those guys. However on the tablet with all Metro apps, it works well. I like it better than the iPad. I might even say it is better in many regards than Windows 10 in tablet mode. I don't feel the apps situation was that bad either. I mean what do you need on a tablet? Is anyone going to hail an Uber ride from a tablet? No. How about WhatsApp? No. Nobody is going to ditch their phone for a tablet. When you start looking at a desktop like experience, well what apps do you need there? Most people get by with a word processor, email and a good browser. Sure, maybe you could edit videos on an iPad, but seriously, would you? If you were doing that a lot you get a full on desktop/laptop machine.

    I'm pretty annoyed that Skype doesn't work on it. There isn't even a decent weather app either and so many apps have been discontinued and unavailable. There's some pretty goofy behaviour too (like the music player won't go on to the next song when the screen times out and turns off). And then there is the browser situation. It still works for almost everything but all those "unsupported browser" messages are really getting to me and without a workable browser, it kind of misses the point in trying to replace my BlackBerry Playbook.
    Still I can't help but like this thing. In its day it must have been quite incredible. Real multitasking (unlike the iPad Air), the ability to connect any regular USB device to it or dangle a secondary monitor off it. It has the full Office 2013 suite and the thing is dang powerful, streams videos on one side while not even skipping a beat with anything else I do on it. If I could get a modern browser on it I think I could really love this thing. It's too bad Microsoft gave up on it.
    Even if the Surface Go 2 has "instant on" and the same amount of battery life, Windows 10 in Tablet mode is not as good as Windows 8.1 RT on a tablet, I think.
    Even Apple updated the iPad Mini. Come on Microsoft! Gimme a Surface Mini!

    I think I'm still looking for that "perfect" tablet.
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    05-28-2020 12:11 AM
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    Thanks for the impressions. Glad you like it!
    05-28-2020 05:32 AM
  8. Pixtureskk's Avatar
    I got a Surface 2 from a local seller in excellent shape + an Arc Mouse Surface Edition for less than your cost, also got a Type KB for $45.00 Can. My only extra expense was a Best Buy custom install screen protector for another $46.00 Can. (cuts off a lot of glare, protects the gorgeous screen). Like you, I was able to sell my 3 Blackberry Playbooks. The Surface 2 was perfect for me, have kept up with the updates, so the Surface 2 is working at top efficiency, problem free.I also am not an "app junkie" so I just go the app website, use it from there, often better than the app. Having MS office especially with Outlook is a genuine bonus. As with you, IE11 gives the occasional problem but nothing that I cannot cope with (you tube is limiting functionality on Win rt but you can still watch videos which take longer to begin). Because you can only get apps from the MS store means that you cannot get a virus. Windows Defender is more than enough to protect the Surface 2. My desktop is an iMac so I am not into learning Windows 10, that's why the Surface 2 serves me well for the functionality I require. I was thinking about getting a Surface 3 but I want to stick with my virus free Mac OS.
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    07-25-2020 06:14 AM
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    As it happens, I have an iPad Air (along with other variants) to directly compare with as it was one of the competitors at the time.
    I am not so sure that the iPad Air was the competitor at the time. I bought a Surface 2 for my daughter when it came out (for middle school use), and it was perfect for the job. The thicker/heavier retina-iPads were the competitors back then.

    Having a locked OS, great battery life, awesome type keyboard, Microsoft Office pre-installed, compatibility with Gsuite through Edge, etc., was all awesome at the time. Perfect device that I didn't have to worry about getting loaded up with viruses, crapware, etc.

    Having said that, the poor support of the device today makes it essentially unusable. But a cool "retro" device to play around with - just like my Nokia 1020 with WP10.
    08-05-2020 07:42 PM
  10. EFats's Avatar
    Unusable? I have a laptop and many iPads as well. 99% of my daily consumption is fine on Surface 2. Only stuff like custom engineering software or special camera related utilities are missing.
    What will be painful will be the browser. If they just release Edge on it, it could keep going for a few more years.
    08-17-2020 04:16 PM

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