1. raxy21's Avatar
    How long SP2 can last with a single full charge?
    if u plan to use it for note taking in one note,light windows store gaming like Halo SA,Six gun,Guns 4 hire and some light games.
    Please answer I'm planning for getting one from US, I stay in India so I can't return it once i get it here, so WP central users help me out, by the way I'm a medical graduate student in help me out.
    10-26-2013 08:37 AM
  2. badMojo69's Avatar
    I found this maybe it will help.
    Surface 2 MYSTERY: Haswell's here, so WHY the duff battery life? • The Register

    It really has nothing it can be directly compared to IMOP. mine last me all day at work, because its not on all the time. my battery meter off a full charge gives me an eta of a little over 8 hours.
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    10-26-2013 10:36 AM
  3. raxy21's Avatar
    Thanks for the link,I'll check it now.
    10-26-2013 11:13 AM
  4. raxy21's Avatar
    Just now checked your link,but it doesn't mention any reason for the cause?
    10-26-2013 11:23 AM
  5. raxy21's Avatar
    Any other users out there can confirm the 8 hours of battery life for SP2?
    I have read some where in winsuper site one user has mentioned he used 9hours of one note still lasting 1/3rd or charge?
    Other user mentioned he used it for visual studio for more than 5hours still having 60% battery left? Is it possible??
    it would be awesome if it is true?
    10-26-2013 11:29 AM
  6. Sleeping Sentries's Avatar
    raxy21, I think you have to take into account that battery life now varies more with usage than ever before. In the past, the difference in energy use of mobile processors between heavy and light use was much smaller than now, because the processors were not very efficient and did not have dynamic frequency scaling .etc. Ironically, this makes battery life easier to predict. Now, these processors are very efficient with energy and will scale power use with your workload much better. What this means, is that you can't easily predict battery life. You'll notice this when you use the Surface Pro 2, where the battery life estimator will change frequently.

    Bottom line is, how much battery life you get out of it depends on how you use the device. If you like to turn brightness down, shut off nonessential services (e.g. bluetooth), only run very light programs, and have long periods of inactivity, then you are likely to have very long battery life. 9 hours maybe. On the other end of the spectrum, you can get less than 6. It all depends on what you do.
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    10-27-2013 02:58 PM

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