1. muitosabao's Avatar
    Hi all.
    I've had my surface pro for a month, and contrary to what every one says about the battery , mine seems to suck (4, maybe 5h max). We all know it's always very subjective but there's two things that make me think there might be something wrong.
    Supposedly Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 battery and power | Recharge Surface Pro the battery should take 2-4h to charge, but mine seems to charge really fast. In 1h usually it goes from below 10 to 100%. Wouldn't complain about that, but maybe there's something wrong?
    Second, i installed battery bar and it tells me 46% wear, is this normal after one month? In capacity it tells me 22 452 mWh, is this normal?

    I feel something's not right. What do you guys say? Thanks in advance.
    (ps: i have all the latest software and firmware updates installed...)
    12-12-2013 05:28 AM
  2. muitosabao's Avatar
    I need to add, It's a surface pro 2.
    12-12-2013 08:03 AM
  3. MBytes's Avatar
    Your battery is completely faulty.

    'cause the SP2 is still out of stock, I have to go with an example with my laptop:
    The laptop I am using now, has a battery that is 3 years old, been using the battery every single day, wear level is at 42%.
    I would return your Surface Pro 2, and order a new one.
    12-12-2013 11:19 AM
  4. VineRider's Avatar
    This is a problem with the recent firmware update of this week. I saw this over on the surfaceforums.net site... it tried this and it actually worked. My battery capacity was at 22k and after this, reset back to 44k. My battery percent before doing this was about 88% and after went down to 42%, which is more realistic as I've been on the device all day, on and off.

    1. Shut down.
    2. Hold vol + and power button for 15 sec. Surface logo may flash etc. but don't let go for 15 sec.
    3. Let go of both buttons
    4. wait 10 secs.
    5. Press power button to start up.
    12-12-2013 09:07 PM
  5. muitosabao's Avatar
    Yeah, indeed there seems to be a firmware problem Microsoft pulls Surface Pro 2 update after reports of battery and installation problems now it explains it. Exactly what i am experiencing. Guess i need to wait for update. Vinerider, what does that procedure do? It looks like a soft reset on the windows phone (volume down plus power button).
    12-20-2013 07:09 AM
  6. kittengirl's Avatar
    Thanks, this worked for me! I came here because this morning while I've been charging, no charge was actually registering - still showed the 10% warning every time I unplugged. I did this, and now it's showing to be about 75% charged, which is about where it should be based on the time I've been charging. Yay!
    12-20-2013 08:52 AM

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