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    Hello I hope I am not making a rethread of a previously discussed topic.

    I am intend to buy an SP2, or if at all possible a similar device with similar specifications.

    To summarize I am an electronics engineering student so it will have to run simulations, math, computation and compiling software, Like Spice, matlab/simulink, PScad etcetera.
    I intend to use the stylus for schematics and possibly note taking primarily.
    For fun I'll probably play a few games and youtube, and when browsing I tend to have multiple tabs open(along with various other programs).

    Given that I have not found anything on the market that is comparable to the SP2 in regards to hardware specs and functionality within the same price range I have no other devices in consideration.

    Now for my dilemma, I can either purchase a new 128GB model with a 4300u chip with no accessories from the Microsoft store for approximately 1285$
    I know it is outrageous, but in my country electronics are expensive.

    The other option is used SP2 256GB model with lot number 1345, so I assume it is the old 4200u chip but 8gb ram with type 2 cover keyboard for 1465$
    It was purchased on the 23 of January at a retail store, so it has hardly been used.

    1. Question I guess is obvious. Which one would you guess would suit my needs best, and is worth the money, in regards to the info I have given.

    2. Should I be looking at another windows machine with similar form factor other than the SP2 Pro?

    3. Is the 4200u more failure prone than the 4300u?

    4. Is there still a problem with some units turning on by themselves?

    I hope someone can help me, and I apologise beforehand if a similar thread has been made, I could not find anything in the search box
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    01-27-2014 10:07 PM
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    I have a SP2, never heard of this issue about turning itself on, there was a recent firmware update that screwed up the way that it recognizes the battery being charged so it says its not charged even though it Is or it doesn't charge, which is suppose to be fixed soon there was a temporary firmware released so it is acting a little better but I am still getting occasional not charging situations, before that update it ran perfect actually no complaints its just a simple firmware issue that is taking them a couple months to iron out, its still perfectly useable but sometimes it says its not charged but I can still use it on the battery just have no idea have much battery is left. And then sometimes it shows perfect and I know exactly this never happened before the update. Other than that this thing runs perfect I love it. That being said the used one sounds like a better deal. I've heard about zero reliability issues so far, if they are both sp2 I would take the used one. You are going to want a keyboard and all that and if the new one doesn't have that you care talking about another $150 for a keyboard and then you have 4 gigs less ram. Which I don't think can be upgraded later so you will be stuck with 4 gigs. I personally have 4 in mine and it runs great but I never do really have stuff so you might end up needing it with what your doing I don't know. The difference in the chips is VERY minor its just a small clock speed boost from what I understand its probably not even noticeable but 4 gigs of ram can be very noticeable compared to a slight clock speed increase which might even cause more heat in general. IMO 4 gigs more and twice the storage at 200 more I think you mentioned it might have some accessories even if it doesn't you can get them later sounds like better deal. With just the keyboard your almost at same price for the 4300 for less memory less storage and like .20ghz increase? Something in that range.
    01-27-2014 10:21 PM
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    For the software you mentioned in your post, you are looking for RAM. Besides CPU power, If it were to me, I would choose 8GB RAM. However, If you don't mind running 1 of the software's at a time. Then go for 4GB. Now if that's more related to the price, I advise to search about readyboost feature in Windows and if it's similar to RAM in performance then get a Class 10 MicroSD with Readyboost capability and use it as RAM in the SP2.
    01-27-2014 10:58 PM
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    Thanks for all the answers, very helpful.

    I realize that the SP2 is not a gaming rig, and I intend to use it for work and study primarily, but I have to ask for curiosity's sake if there is any advantage to the 4300u chip in regards to gaming? I know some games rely on the CPU more than the GPU.

    As for ready boost I have never had any significant experience with it, but the little that I have has not been overwhelmingly better performance.
    01-28-2014 09:09 AM
  5. Sean Miller4's Avatar
    The 4300 and 4200 have almost same hardware from what i understand your just getting a very small clock speed boost which is not noticable in any games 99% of the time. I have the 4200 and it only has 4 gigs and it flies its faster than all my laptops. That being said the extra ram is more beneficial than extra clockspeed, clockspeed is one of the last things you want in gaming rigs. Not very many games require fast clockspeed period. I have seen computers run at half the clockspeed of another but are twice as fast due to the ram and video, which the video is the same in both these the only diff is the clockspeed but 4 gigs of ram is double the ram this should have HUGE factor in games.
    01-28-2014 01:51 PM
  6. MBytes's Avatar
    Agreed. When you custom build a computer, assuming you are not the type of person that does not upgrades for the sake of upgrading.. you can keep your CPU for 5-6 years before you start seeing some games being affected by it's slow speed. 300MHz doesn't make difference. I doubt the 100MHz more on the Intel integrate graphic would do much difference either.

    RAM increase depends on your needs. You basically want to avoid using the page file... so the more RAM you have the better.... but if you just web surf, listen to music and using Office, then no 8GB would be useless in this case. So it will depend on your needs. If you really don't know, setup your current computer to the worst case scenario of number of program and projects you have loaded, and see how much RAM it consumes. Don't forget that Intel integrated graphics consumes your system RAM as well.
    01-28-2014 04:39 PM
  7. Devolver's Avatar
    Well thanks to everyone for their advice, I have now ordered the 256 model, can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks once again.
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    01-29-2014 01:15 PM

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