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    I installed the wacom feel driver and mapped the radial menu to the one button on the side of the pen. i can make the menu appear and disappear by pressing the button but i can't actually press the buttons. Yesterday I could at least get them to light up when I hovered over them but nothing happened when I tapped them, and today I can only get the center button (has an X shape) to highlight when I'm over it; no response whatsoever though.

    is there some other driver that it's clashing with maybe? I just find it very peculiar. I thought maybe I had to do something else to "activate" the buttons, like hovering over them and then pressing the button, or holding the pen button the whole time and then releasing it when I'm over the button on the screen or whatever, but nope.
    I appreciate any help
    10-26-2014 01:34 AM

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