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    I am coming from the SP2 and its Wacom pen technology which I utilized often to take notes for school. First thing I noticed with the N-Trig pen technology on the SP3 is that pen tracking on screen is more accurate than the SP2. The improved accuracy is more noticeable around the edges and corners where the pen cursor does not jump like it would on the SP2.

    One downside to the new pen I noticed is that it takes more effort to tap on things on the screen. I find myself tapping twice or thrice on the web for the taps to register whereas on the SP2 even the lightest pen tap registered. I assume this is where the lowered level of pressures comes into play. Even though the SP3 pen sensitivity does not seem to differ from that of SP2 once the screen registers the tap, the amount of pressure it requires for the screen to register the tap has been increased. In other words, the lower pressure sensitivity spectrum that exists on the SP2 is simply missing on the SP3. If this is indeed the limitation of N-Trig pen technology itself and not the software, it would mean that an update would not be able to fix this issue.

    I sure hope it is fixable by software update, because I find myself really pushing on the pen while taking notes and my hand is fatiguing a lot faster compared to when I take notes on the SP2.
    06-28-2014 02:45 AM

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