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    I'm a fan of the Surface Pro to the degree that I'll even do the job of a salesman at the Microsoft Store. I'm on a mission for no good reason other than to educate neophytes and naysayers that they don't know squat about Win 8.1, or the Surface line. Only if I got some time of course. Here's what happened today, and what I do from time to time.

    Had to return something at the MS Store, and while walking out I stopped at a SP3. I wanted to see how Kongregate.com games ran on it, and was thinking about creating an account when I get back to the office. While I was there, I see this guy next to me tentatively poking around the other SP3-looking unsure. I looked around to see if there were any sales reps, but they were all busy so... I go into demo man mode. In the two minutes, I ask what they think about it, explain to them that I have one and that is awesome of course. I show them three things - basic navigation, snapping a screen, and sharing in about two minutes.

    For basic navigation, I just show and tell them that they swipe in from the edges. That this action is pretty much the same in any application they're in. That usually gets a head nod - it's an easy enough concept once someone actually sees how to get around.

    For snapped screens, I do just that. I'll pull up a blank email and relate to them that I often need to look at a referenced webpage/document/whatever when I'm replying to an email and that it's nice to be able to do both. Then I switch, and snap a running video explaining that I often play a video when the kids are hanging out, and I'm trying to do some work. Expand a window, snap it shut. This is the single most powerful feature in my opinion in usability that other tablets do not offer, and demonstrating this usually gets them interested.

    Last thing I do is show them the share button. It's the universality of it that I think is impressive. A use case where I'm on a webpage that is interesting and I want to share it - swipe, share. A photo I want to send to a friend - same swipe, share action. They get that head nod going again like they understand it, because it's the same action regardless of what app I'm in.

    Finally, if they were impressed by the OS capability I'll take it one more step and show them the handwriting recognition because it's really good!

    So that's my 2min demo. Yes, I don't get paid for doing it but it's what I do when it's something I enjoy. You wanna show everyone why something is cool, and there are way too many iPhone toting people who can't get their mind around a new UI concept. All you gotta do is show them, and if we all did this - hey, more users. More users, more apps.

    Do any of you do this? If you do, what do you show people?
    07-03-2014 05:00 PM

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