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    There is a car audio shop here in Vegas had my car stereo installed a few months ago. I took my wife's car there to correct a problem with her installation. While the audio guy had the car, the owner asked my opinion on tablets. I had my Ipad mini and explained what owning each means for him in his business. I got both android and IOS out the way and began to talk about the Surface...specially the Surface Pro 3.

    Since I didn't have my Surface with me, I used my ipad mini and searched for a Youtube video.
    I used this one. Daniel does a good job keeping balance with what the Surface is and how it compares. Something I could see the owner respected and fit my own presentation of these devices.

    His jaw dropped. Especially when we talked about the Pen. His store is massive and with the pen, he could not only run his inventory application on it, I explained while his customers were walking around and choosing hardware, with his pen, he could launch OneNote and write down their choices. Swipe back to the inventory app quickly and research inventory. Then head back to the counter and pop in the keyboard and it run this computer in the familiar manor of those two old CRT's he still has on his counter.

    He called me a week later and told me he bought two Surface Pro 3's for his store. Pretty cool stuff.

    No money in this for me but made me smile knowing this will help him and his business. Who knows, I may get a break on any new car stereo's I may need installed but that's just me talking. :)
    07-05-2014 09:56 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    You natural salesman you... lol
    Good job!
    Word of mouth with examples travel far it seems.
    07-05-2014 10:00 PM

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