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    hello all,

    this is about windows explorer default photo viewer or Metro photo app.

    I'm a happy owner of a surface pro 3 since 2weeks and before I had a more classic toshiba laptop (15 inches 16/9 ratio)

    one of the most annoying thing is about not being able to AUTOMATICALLY view my photos in full screen but rather in a square box in the middle of the screen. ..with all white bars (well more then just bars) all around

    let me explain. most 16/9 photos taken with my smartphone (LG, Samsung) would show just fine with the usual white bars left and right due to the surface 4/3 ratio

    in that case, most of the screen real estate will be covered by the picture and it so easy to view pictures.

    but I also happen to have quite a few pictures which appear in a stupidly small SIZE (something life 5 inches) in the middle of the screen. ..all surrounded by white (if I'm in the windows default photo viewer) or black (if I'm in the Metro photo application)

    that is the most silly thing ! I have a 5.5 inches LG phone so the last thing I want when viewing a photo on my surface is to see the photo on the same size as on my phone. ..with 60% of the screen real estate being black !

    now about my resolution on the surface, it is the recommended 2160*1440...BUT I tried some others to no avail...I even went to modify the size of icons and text (then back to default) but it didn't help at all

    on my toshiba laptop (running windows 8.1 also) the same photos would fit the screen in a much better fashion (70 to to 80 %)

    so I really don't get why on the surface some photos would got shown on such small surface...

    maybe on the same note, On the windows explorer ribban there is a way to display photos thumbnails in 'large' and also 'very large' icon....on my toshiba laptop I can feel the difference when I click 'very large thumbnails'...on the surface pro 3 no much differences, the thumbnails remain kinda the same small...

    so is there a workaround to have pictures automatically fit MOST of the screen ? both in metro photo app but above all on desktop photo viewer

    thank you and sorry for long post
    10-03-2014 05:34 AM

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