1. spasell's Avatar
    I recently went to the Video Store (Xbox Store I think..I'm new to MS so pardon my ignorance) and downloaded the movies The Conjuring.

    Plays flawlessly and looks great. But one issue...Doesn't play Captions despite saying in the description that it does in fact include them.

    I clicked on the CC icon in the lower right hand corner while movie is playing and doesn't allow me to turn them on .

    I went back and looked and it says English CC.

    I did notice that when you look at the top of the movie, the Subtitles portion at the end is in green color but the other options (like HD) are all in white.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I went to options while movie was running (charms menu) and made sure it was turned on. There's no option to turn on but many for text color of CC, size of lettering, etc. Probably something simple I am missing. When I was on my flight trying to watch it with CC, no dice. I do have headphones but I have 50% hearing loss in one ear so I while I can hear it, on a plane it's more difficult.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Also, I downloaded iTunes because prior to switching to MS Pro 3, I had iPad and a lot of movies. I am able to use iTunes to watch those, with captions, but I noticed that about 10-15 minutes into any movie, the lips of the actors do not match up with the dialogue itself. It gets more pronounced as I watch. I have to exit the movie and resume for it to go back to normal and repeat the process.

    Thanks for the help.
    10-22-2014 10:30 AM
  2. spasell's Avatar
    Again, looking for a little help here. Has anyone else downloaded movies via Xbox store to their SP3 and if so, can you check and see if you can activate subtitles for it? I cannot get the subtitles to work despite the fact that in the description of the movie when downloading it says clearly they are available.

    Thank you
    11-04-2014 09:55 AM
  3. TheZuneLune's Avatar
    I just checked one of movies. All I had to do is click the CC button. I am not sure if iTunes uses a proprietary method for CC for subtitles.
    11-25-2014 09:11 AM

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