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    I've been intrigued by the Surface for some time. Currently have a 2013 MacBook Air 13" and have no issues with it. Primary use for the Air is as a Tablet replacement for an older iPad. For what I like to do and my use cases, a laptop form factor like the Air is in my view more flexible and capable than a tablet. Use it around the house mostly, but have had good experience traveling and using the Air for watching movies on iTunes in flight, etc.

    I do at times need to use apps that are Windows only. For that I have a Windows 7 VM on a Mac mini. I've successfully used RDP client on the Air to access the Windows 7 VM, however, the screen size and audio have been probably not as optimal if I had a native Windows device. The other consideration is that long-term, I'm thinking about a transition to Windows as I see it as perhaps more flexible and capable out of the box for communicating and integrating with other OS's, apps, and environments. I may just eventually run a Windows VM on the Air, which in many ways I think would "solve" what I'm thinking about.

    So, is there anyone who has made the switch from using a MacBook Air (as a tablet/laptop combo) to the Surface? I realize with any transition there are tradeoffs and pros/cons. What has your experience been like?
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    05-30-2015 09:31 AM
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    I current use a Pro 3, iPad Air 2, and a 6 plus. You find you can do a lot more on a pro 3 than a MAC (iMac, air, MacBooks) out of the box. I use my pro 3 as a laptop, and when I use the docking station I use it as a desktop replacement. The pro 3 gets great battery life, I don't think I will ever buy another computer without a touch screen and pen support again :)
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    05-31-2015 06:28 PM
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    Considering the surface is basically is a powerful windows 8 laptop which run full windows 8.1 it has the same power as desktop PC.

    It using good hardware and run great
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    05-31-2015 06:38 PM
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    Appreciate hearing everyone's take on this. With the Surface 4 on the horizon, that might be a good time to consider a switch.
    06-05-2015 06:58 PM

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