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    So I upgraded my SP3 to Windows 10 last week, did the upgrade from the GWX thing... then I did the clean install using the USB key, and all was great...

    Fast-forward to last night... I booted my SP3, and I get a message that I need to activate Windows 10. Huh? When I did the clean install, I checked, and it said Windows was activated, so I wasn't worried about it. So after 3 attempts to use the "Go To Store" link in the activation settings, it finally worked, after changing my key 3 times.

    Has anyone run into this yet? Gets me nervous, might have to check every time I use my SP3 to make sure it's still activated. And it was upgraded from the Windows 8.1 Pro version that the SP3 came with.

    So right now it's activated... but wondering if anyone else had issues...
    08-03-2015 07:41 AM

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