1. ngiachin's Avatar
    Hello - I acquired a broke SP3. The screen was removed as was the SSD. Does anyone know if there's a way to validate that it will power on and would be worth fixing? If I leave it plugged in, it gets hot around the cpu area where there's all that copper heat sink tape, but no noise, no fan on, etc.

    Anyone know if it's possible to test w/o a screen assembly on?
    08-05-2016 08:42 AM
  2. Adam_ation's Avatar
    I highly doubt theres anyway of knowing 100% that its working without a screen, it could be water damaged or have a broken connection anywhere its been exposed.

    You could try connecting/removing a usb stick and listen for the disconnecting/connecting noise, that would suggest the OS is running...
    08-05-2016 11:04 AM
  3. ngiachin's Avatar
    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. Most likely destine for the trash, but thought I'd ask the community. I was hoping maybe I could boot using the surface dock or something, but no go with that either.
    08-05-2016 11:07 AM

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