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    Both my IR camera (eg Windows Hello functionality) and Type Cover stopped working yesterday. Not intermittently, but 100% dead.

    • uninstalling one of the two updates that arrived yesterday didn't fix them
    • a two-button restart didn't fix them
    • a refresh didn't fix them
    • a complete reset didn't fix them.

    I'm not sure if it was a coincidence that these things stopped working at the same time that two updates arrived. I could only uninstall one of the two updates, and it reinstalled itself before I refreshed anyway.

    With regards to the Type Cover, it seemed to go out over a few hours - first the Home and End keys wouldn't work. Then the whole thing was just dead. Windows Hello just stopped working. After the reset, during initial setup, the "set up Windows Hello" screen errored out: "cannot start IR camera."

    The lack of Windows Hello is just a wild inconvenience, since it as made my life so much easier, but no keyboard is kind of a deal breaker. If it was indeed the update that broke things, and Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and promised a quick fix, then I will begrudgingly sit tight. If I'm the only one with these symptoms, however, then I'll be off to exchange this SP4 for the SECOND time.
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