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    Good afternoon all! Does anybody use Surface Pro 4 for aviation related tasks and if so what software/apps do you all recommend for use as a quasi Electronic Flight Bag? An EB4 whiz wheel, anything like SkyBector or a handy database for FLIP/approach/departure plates, etc? Thanks!
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    05-10-2016 11:15 AM
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    Good to see another flyer.

    Sadly most of the EFB stuff seems to be on iOS. There's not much in the way of Store apps that I've found by searching for aviation. I do have LiveATC and an app called Aviator installed. Typing in "flight plan" brings up an app called FltPlan Go which looks promising...hmmm...I need to download this myself. :) On the desktop side I'm sure there's ample software.

    I fly single-engine VFR and usually under 150nm from my home base so I've been pretty satisfied with paper and the KMD 500 or G1000 display. The SP4 is a great device, but seems too unwieldy for a small cockpit so I haven't really invested in portable electronics. Got my hands full just with the aircraft!
    05-13-2016 08:22 PM
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    That checks -- I'm a new flight instructor for the Air Force undergraduate program for navigator and electronic warfare training and was looking to capitalize on the Surface Pro 4's mobility in the brief and debrief as a tool to teach my students (I.e, reviewing filing procedures, low-level navigation, chart review, etc). Definitely something better suited at groundspeed ZERO as opposed to the "oh ****" moments in the air. Thanks for the reply though, let me know if you come across anything in the future!

    From Surface Pro 4
    05-18-2016 10:57 PM

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