1. pwscott's Avatar
    New owner here and loving my 16GB, i7, 512GB SP4.
    I am a hardcore Evernote Premium user who doesn't want to use OneNote (have in past). I found the full Windows app for Evernote to be really hard to use...tiny fonts...even with Tablet Pro Zooming etc...also whenever I tried to select a notebook I couldn't easily scroll the list and I would wind up dragging folders/notebooks and accidentally combining them.
    Then I found "Evernote Touch" that is designed for tablets....nice app in tablet mode and works for what I want, but I'd very much like to assign it to the one-click of the pen eraser, but I can't find the app anywhere to point to such as in c:\Program Files x86 etc.
    I'd also like to be able to assign the Snipper Tool that is part of WIndows to the double-click of the eraser on the pen, but when I try to look in folers under Windows I have no (and apparently can't grant myself) permissions to make them UN-hidden. I could live with another screen clip app but the native one would be cool {I do realize that Evernote Clipper exists but I often want to clip to a Gmail email or OUtlook not just for cpaturing into Evernote.]

    Would love some help with how to assign these two apps as above.


    08-01-2016 12:51 PM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    In the new Anniversary update there is section of settings dedicated to pen functionality and what each button the pen does. I think you can change those buttons functions to suit your needs. Check for updates later today or tomorrow
    08-02-2016 12:52 AM

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