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    Hey guys

    I've been looking all over the forums and couldn't find my answer. I'm buying the biggest Micro SD (HC/XC) card I can find, but I also want it to be fast. UHS-I is not good enough. So since MS is dodging the question, I am asking here.

    Will my SP4 work with UHS-II speed or not? I know it is backwards compatible with UHS-I, but there are no answers anywhere on google.

    Has anyone tried putting it in their SP4 yet? Lexar has a few UHS-II micro SD cards that look awesome!

    I would appreciate your help. Thanks

    10-12-2016 05:23 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Apparently it's UHS-I according to here - How to get the most out of the microSD? card reader in Surface - Microsoft Community

    A guy contacted MS Support and was told UHS-I.
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    10-12-2016 06:41 AM
  3. Axeelant's Avatar
    Thank you very much. This confirms it. Surprised i didn't find that info when i did a google search about it.

    To everyone else, SP4 does NOT support UHS-II, because the reader inside should have a second row of pins to read it, so it works only with UHS-I

    Thanks again.
    10-12-2016 09:18 AM

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