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    I directly copied this post from reddit for more discussion. Any help is appreciated!

    Hi all, I have yet another question about the battery life of SP4. It has been a month since my battery become terrible all the sudden. Here is the details:

    My behaviour of using SP4:
    keep the battery around 30%~95%, occasionally down to 10%. Recently (few weeks) has been charge-and-use a lot, usually start charging around 30~40%, until 50~60%.

    The weirdest thing to me is, the battery life decrease is much bigger relatively, compare to the battery capacity loss. I dont have previous data on discharging rate, since I only installed BatteryBar recently.

    Edit: I observed that at late Oct to Early Nov the battery life fluctuate a lot, like a decision point of downgrading the battery. For more details, I didn't install any programs that will drain battery in background between that time period (if you are interested, according to the Programs and Features in Control Panel, the 2 things I installed is Adobe Reader and Notepad++). I also didnt make any change of the behavior in using programs (e.g. Edge to Chrome).

    Edit 2: I just digged more information about that time period, what exactly happened. It reminds me of the post from Windows Central: http://forums.windowscentral.com/mic...kb3199209.html , that time the battery downgrade is so noticeable so I search it, and turns out people having the issues as I do.

    Any help/advice is appreciated, Thanks!
    12-04-2016 01:18 PM