1. SteveSAPA's Avatar
    Hi All, What is the best & cheapest way I could connect 2 monitors to my SP4? Should I use a dock or is there an adapter i could use? I live in Australia so if there are any stores here i could get them from would be good.

    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 using Surface Pro 4
    01-19-2017 10:58 PM
  2. JackNJazzy's Avatar
    I received my new SP4 for work 2 weeks ago & love it so far. I was given the Surface Dock to connect to my 2 monitors & then went to JB HiFi & purchased 2 Belkin Mini Display to DVI cables & it works perfectly.
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    01-20-2017 02:16 PM
  3. sansome991's Avatar
    yea i m using that too! but that keeps charing the batt even is 100%. seems no good for the batt life? like, any other ways to extend 2 mons?
    01-20-2017 08:49 PM
  4. SteveSAPA's Avatar
    So the only way is with a Surface dock?
    01-22-2017 08:29 PM

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