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    I have a SP4 running 14393.693 and trying to connect it to my Samsung M2020 wireless printer. I have a Dell laptop running the same W10 build and it works fine.
    When I download the drivers and go through setup, it asks for the WPS pin which I have no idea where to find. If I press the WPS button on the printer and search, it does not find the printer.
    Any ideas? Thanks.
    03-05-2017 09:34 AM
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    WPS is if your router supports it. If it does support WPS, then all you do is hit the WPS button on the router, then the WPS button on the printer.

    It should all be in your instruction manual. If you don't have it, you should download it:

    Wireless Mono Laser Printer Xpress M2020 | Owner Information & Support | Samsung US

    If your router doesn't support WPS, then you have to install it the traditional way. The most reliable is to set a static IP address on the printer (via the printer's control panel). Then in Windows, you go to add a printer and find the printer by using that static IP that you chose.
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    03-06-2017 01:15 AM

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