1. Brad Semenick's Avatar
    A few months ago I damaged my MacBook screen which will cost me just shy of $1000 to fix which seems like a bit much for me. I've always been interested in the surface lineup so now seems like a good time to hop on the bandwagon. I'm a student so I don't have​endless money to spend on a laptop (although I wish I did) so I'm wondering if the surface pro 4 is still worth buying now that the new surface pro and surface laptop are out. I use my laptop for web browsing and music, lots of YouTube, a lot of word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as light video editing. The tablet form factor would be great for taking notes in classes and labs, as I do a lot of math and physics. Any help is much appreciated!
    06-17-2017 03:57 PM
  2. kaktus1389's Avatar
    The 2017 Surface Pro is basically Surface Pro 4 with some changes made to the pen, screen and form factor (most changes are made inside the tablet so you can't really see them) so I'd say you're good to go with Surface Pro 4.
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    06-18-2017 08:25 AM
  3. Timbre70's Avatar
    It's small improvements. That's why 5 was not used in branding.
    06-18-2017 08:42 AM
  4. Ayrton01CZ's Avatar
    In the end it depends on the price. If you can get a decent discount, then yeah, but if it's just like $100 cheaper, then pay more and get the new Surface Pro. There are only advantages really. But yeah, SP4 was already great enough!
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    06-18-2017 10:14 AM
  5. dirtyvu's Avatar
    Get the new surface pro. Skip the pen or buy it later. Buy the older keyboards that came out with the surface pro 4. The battery life alone makes the new surface pro worth it. As great as the surface pro 4 is, the battery life is atrocious. If you actually plan on using the thing for school or work, you need good battery life.
    06-18-2017 09:28 PM
  6. onlysublime's Avatar
    If you are not an artist, you could buy the older Surface Pen ($50-60) which is much cheaper than the new Surface Pen ($99). It'll work on both the Surface Pro 4 and the new Surface Pro.

    I'd also recommend the Type Covers meant for the Surface Pro 4. They come in fantastic blue and teal colors as well as other colors. They're much cheaper at $129 than the newer Alcantara keyboards. I have both the alcantara and the older keyboards and to be honest, the alcantara has aged better than the other keyboards. Which is why I'm surprised at the comments people have made about the alcantara keyboard.

    Then down the road, you can always upgrade the accessories. It's why I read comments on the new Surface Pro and am perplexed. If a person has a Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4, nothing says that you have to buy a new keyboard or new pen. So all the comments that the cost of the new Surface Pro is the machine, the pen and the keyboard is false. A SP3 or SP4 user can upgrade just the machine now. And down the road, buy a new keyboard or a new pen if desired.
    06-19-2017 01:46 AM
  7. Areil Bart's Avatar
    06-19-2017 01:59 AM
  8. Awhispersecho's Avatar
    Because of the price discounts at this point, I actually think the SP4 is worth buying more now than it was when it came out. It's a great device with plenty of power, a beautiful screen and amazing build quality.
    06-19-2017 05:26 PM
  9. onlysublime's Avatar
    After using my new Surface Pro for a few days now, the battery life definitely stands out.

    For all the love I had for my Surface Pro 4 machines, battery life was never good. And it used to drain even just sitting in my bag. People who have owned the machine know about the dreaded hot SP4 in the bag with nearly no battery. It got to the point where I completely shut down the machine rather than have the machine sleep. Which is fine since boot time is so good with SSD. After I started shutting down the machine rather than sleeping it, I was happy with the machine but battery life was never great. You really do have to turn down the beautiful screen for the SP4 to have decent life.
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    06-20-2017 03:16 AM
  10. Keeptechcoolandsimple's Avatar
    surface pro 4 is still a great machine so i say yes.
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    06-26-2017 08:06 AM
  11. beno76's Avatar
    Like onlysublime said. It comes all down to the batterie. If you are more or less close to a socket go for the 4. If you are more mobile put in the extra cash.
    07-07-2017 04:41 AM

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