1. ShaunAFC3's Avatar
    I have had my Surface Pro 4 for just over 4 months now and recently i have been noticing a problem with the battery.

    So after the battery reached it's full charge 100% and after i unplug the charger, It stays on 100% for about 10/12 minutes and then after instead of going to 99% and 98% and it goes straight down to 97 or 96% every single time now in the last couple of weeks and it is annoying because i am not getting not as much battery life anymore because of this and i am really worried that it will get worse over time.

    And all so i have checked the battery wear and on 2 monitoring software programs and it says about that i have about 0% or 1% wear of the battery and set it!

    I have never had this battery problem before on my Surface Pro 4 and I really want to fix this stupid battery problem that i am having on my Surface Pro 4!!

    So everyone How do i fix this battery problem and make it go from full charge 100% to 99% again?? And have you ever had this battery problem before on your Surface Pro 4??
    08-05-2017 06:56 AM
  2. Ravi Sharma 2016's Avatar
    I don't believe there is reason for concern. The battery stays on 100% for a considerable time and then drops to 96%, at least on my SP4. It is my second unit after the first one was replaced due to an issue with the frame around the screen coming loose. Both units acted the same. I never saw 99-98-97%. Should be a software thing as I see it. Overall battery life is reasonable after a year of use. Perhaps you should focus a bit more on the total battery life, rather than the % level ?
    08-07-2017 03:24 AM

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