1. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    Anyone know how I can set the wallpaper that comes with the computer in the Metro mode as the desktop wallpaper. I can set my desktop wallpaper as the metro wallpaper, but not the other way around. WTH. I tried the method of extracting the files, but I guess MS changed the path in an update.
    12-16-2013 09:52 AM
  2. MBytes's Avatar
    You can't have a start screen background on the desktop.
    The start screen backgrounds are general backgrounds. if you make each tile on your screen as a new columns to have this huge scrolling start screen, you'll notice that the background is never ending.
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    12-16-2013 08:58 PM
  3. randomscandinavian's Avatar
    It should be possible to have a jpg wallpaper that is identical to the beginning of the Metro wallpaper "line". But how to screenshot (screenshoot?) the background behind the tiles only? Another possible solution could be to simply have the identical color that fills most of the Metro backgrounds as a color only desktop background. It should be less of a visual jump then when switching modes. Or the same background color with some similar swirls and patterns on it perhaps.

    But will such same color backgrounds match? There is some brightness adjustment when switching modes. It's annoying how the screen jerkily adjusts the display somewhat in steps. Even with auto brightness turned off.
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    12-17-2013 03:51 AM
  4. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    Thank makes sense. I'll just find a cool desktop image and set it for start screen and the background.
    12-17-2013 06:01 AM

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