1. PPCFreak's Avatar
    Have sp2 with all latest updates and firmware updates and cannot change the preview text size in the mail app from the start screen. Outlook running on desktop is fine but in start screen running the mail app, swiping in from the right and changing the font size doesn't seem to change anything.
    Am I missing something?
    Isn't that what the setting of font size should do with mail app open and changing that setting?
    03-29-2014 07:48 PM
  2. taymur's Avatar
    I would guess it is something that has to do with ease of access, but looking at the ease of access section in the pc settings, nothing really helps increasing text size there, and the magnifier is not really feasible.

    And the mail app is self has nothing to help with that. Weird.
    03-30-2014 01:49 AM
  3. PPCFreak's Avatar
    Ya, its puzzling. Strange that when you swipe from right side to bring up settings that the font size doesn't actually change anything.
    03-30-2014 10:55 AM
  4. Im_Q's Avatar
    The font size adjusts the default text size when composing a new email.
    03-30-2014 11:11 AM
  5. PPCFreak's Avatar
    So no way to adjust the font size when just reading the email? We can can do the pinch zoom but that's not what we want to do each time looking at an email
    03-30-2014 11:45 AM

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