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    Hi all

    I've tried searching on Xbox and Windows forums, but nothing seems to be working. Before purchasing the SP3 I had a custom built PC running 8.1 and had no issues playing xbox games (wordament, solitaire, etc) in the "metro" universe. Since migrating over to SP3, I cannot play any of the xbox certified games on the new device - snap attack, solitaire, wordament, etc. All load find, but can't connect to Xbox to sign in. Ironically the "games" hub in win 8.1 connects just fine - i can see my achievements, etc.

    I also have a Lumia 1020 and all xbox games run fine.

    I've searched online and some solutions included:

    - syncing the internet time
    - sync app store license
    - remove my MS account from the user list, force a local account, and then re-establish my MS account
    - reinstall
    - system refresh

    I've tried the top 3 solutions and they have not worked. I've tried clearing all temporary files as well. I don't want to reinstall/reformat because I just installed steam and a few steam games and do not want to re-download those games (my ISP has a metered connection - yay!), so i'm looking for any other suggestions/help before resorting to doing any sort of system refresh that would cause me to lose data.

    I'm no longer using my desktop PC, in case that helps.

    anyone have any ideas???
    06-22-2014 11:02 PM

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