1. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    Good afternoon, everyone. I've had my Pro 3 for a few weeks now but have just recently begun to be able to spend more time trying it out and testing everything out. One thing I had noticed was that I was having a hard time swiping from the top to reveal the options menu on the Start screen. The same went for swiping down to close apps; it would be easier to perform on certain sides of the bezel than others.

    Well, I tried to use a drawing program to see what my touches were registering as. Using Sketchbook Express, I would draw continuous loops at the top near the bezel. This is what I'm getting.


    The top-left corner (in landscape) does this, where even if I'm drawing the full loop to the top, the line will stop about a centimeter from the top and loop back down. This is all finger drawing, by the way; the pen works fine. Is anyone else having this issue? I also notice a slight screen ripple in the left side of the screen near the top corner as well when doing light taps. Is this normal? Thanks, everyone, in advance. I'm just wanting to see if I need to get this exchanged before it's too late.
    08-26-2014 01:42 PM
  2. smoheath's Avatar
    You need to recalibrate or reset the calibration for touch. Search calibrate from the charms bar and it should be the first option. I had this same issue on my pro 2.
    08-26-2014 02:01 PM
  3. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    Hmmm, no dice when I tried that. :/
    08-26-2014 02:42 PM
  4. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    Okay, so I've been playing around more with my Pro 3 and have deduced that this may be a software-related problem. I also noticed both the left and right sides of the screen near the bezel do have a slight amount of ripple to them, most evident during the "Surface" startup screen. Along with the request below, I'd really appreciate the help from anyone reading this who can spare ten minutes of their time.

    As I wrote above, I noticed this issue when finger doodling on Sketchbook Express. You can see that there is a portion of the screen below the power button's location that seems to not register touch input like the rest of the top edge. If you may, please install/open this app and try drawing (with your finger) a continuous jagged line from right to left, making sure to cross the bezel and screen with each go. Does yours end up looking like this?


    Next, try installing/opening Fresh Paint. Do the same drawing with your finger again. When I did this, Fresh Paint had no problem creating the line I wanted pretty consistently. Please let me know your findings.

    And for extra credit, please let me know if your screens have some ripple to them in the areas I described. I really appreciate your time and efforts. I went through a couple of screen recalibrations (thank you for the suggestion, smoheath) and even did a system refresh. Just trying to ease my mind that my $2,000 tablet isn't operating as it should. :)
    08-27-2014 02:13 AM
  5. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    An update for anyone interested. I went to both Best Buy and Microsoft, and neither stores had display units acting like mine did. I ended up returning the Pro 3 for now, and since it was the high capacity 512GB version, I'd have to order it online again.

    While I'm waiting on the credit to appear on my card, I'm going to mull over if I want to get another or just wait for Pro 4. I loved the machine minus the screen issue, but the throttling and heat were of some concern. I may hold out for Broadwell unless Microsoft issues some "fixes" to the 3. We'll see.
    08-29-2014 11:44 PM

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